Olivant Aleppo soap with 40% laurel oil

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Olivant Aleppo soap with 40 % laurel is a traditional handmade soap the is perfect for sensitive and problem skin. The oil blend is 60% olive oil and 40% laurel oil, a laurel-heavy formula to boost the natural fragrancing and antimicrobial effects. It is perfect for personal use and for gifting to your beloved nature lovers.

✔ Moisturises and Protects  Nourishes and Revives  Authentic Method ✔ Gentle Face & Body Cleanse  Anti-bacterial ✔ Anti-fungal ✔ Tree Planting Certificate

X​ NO parabens  X NO artificial colours  X NO artificial Fragrances  X NO Preservatives  X NO animal fats  X NO palm oil  X NO plastics

£ 13.00 13.0 GBP £ 13.00 + Free Tree Planting

£ 13.00 + Free Tree Planting

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