Loofah bath pad

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A simple design. This natural exfoliating loofah pad is perfect for cleansing your skin. It has a nice elastic cotton belt for easy handling during showering. It absorbs water, expands and lathers well making it an ideal natural and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic bath sponges. Easy to soften by soaking in warm soapy water and easy to clean.

✔ 100% Organic ✔ Biodegradable ✔ Sturdy ✔ Gentle Scrubbing ✔ Long lasting ✔ Easy to wash ✔ Renewable Resource
X NO Synthetic materials X NO Mould X NO plastics

£ 5.00 5.0 GBP £ 5.00 + Free Tree Planting

£ 5.00 + Free Tree Planting

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